PAS 2017 : Be a part of the pyrotechnic fields

The Paris Air Show is an opportunity for the organizers of the GIFAS to encourage young people to take interest in the aeronautics and space production fields by showing them in a modern light that the youth of today can understand. The 52nd edition will be launching a new campaign called "En Mode Avion" (In Aviation Mode) which you can follow on https://www.facebook.com/gifasenmodeavion

We have joined this campaign by enabling you to meet our HR team June 23-25 or by taking advantage of our job opportunities by following #TalentDays on our account Twitter @LACROIX_Defense
Just a short distance from Toulouse, known for its aeronautics industry, our group offers over twenty positions: engineers - (chemists, methods, quality, research, process engineering, etc.) Project Managers and technicians (research, mechanical and process, methods) as well as in pyrotechnics, plastics processing, testing, etc.

Find out about our latest offers here :

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