Lacroix and Energetics Technology Ltd at DSEI 2021

Meet Etienne Lacroix Group major entities at DSEI in September 2021, in Excel London, England to discover its numerous range of solutions dedicated to Pyrotechnics, self-protection, Anti-blast & much more...
DSEI connects governments, national armed forces, industry thought leaders and the entire defence & security supply chain on a global scale. With a range of valuable opportunities for networking, a platform for business, access to relevant content & live-action demonstrations, the DSEI community can strengthen relationships, share knowledge and engage in the latest capabilities across the exhibition's Aerospace, Land, Naval, Security & Joint Zones.

Meet our teams Stand H2-528 located on the UK Pavilion

Products and Subsidiaries Focus :

Etienne Lacroix Group entities (Energetics Technology Ltd & LACROIX Defense) showcased on DSEI 2021, offer access to world-leading countermeasures technologies through an established UK supplier base. DSEI is also an opportunity to new devices, to demonstrate business synergies and to highlight their complementary products portfolio to the UK market.

Innovative 40 mm "door breaching" ammunition & Anti blast solutions with ENERGETICS Technology Ltd

Announced in june 2021, this new 40mm armor-piercing grenade technology was developed in partnership with Defense Science and Technology Laboratory (DSTL), Ploughshare Innovation and Energetics Technology Limited (ETL).

The new 40mm grenade developed by ETL, utilizes UK government developed breaching technology which has been licensed to Energetics Technology Limited (ETL) and Ploughshare Innovations, in an agreement that will improve operations of the Explosive Entry Method (EMOE) and operator safety.

The Stand-off breaching grenade is designed for use by special operations teams and counter-terrorism units in scenarios where it is necessary to break through locked doors to gain access to a building or room

Blast Mitigation Solutions with ENERGETICS Technology Ltd

During DSEI 2021, Energetics Technology Limited will particularly focus on showcasing Isolation Units, including explosive transport containers and bomb resistant litter bins, and suspect package isolation units used widely in airports, but also on anti-blast panel solution, using the stunning SabreMat composite technology. On DSEI, visitors will discover our Brand New Product TC 95 : Trash Receptacle / Bin Lid
Click here for More information about anti-blast range of products

Self protection systems & countermeasures with LACROIX Defense

During DSEI 2021, LACROIX will be especially featuring:

Its latest-generation infrared and radar decoys in the Air field domain :

To cope with the new and growing missilethreats (including the latest generation "Manpads"), LACROIX's skilled Air Countermeasures are a combat-proven self-protection solution operated by most armed forces. LACROIX designs state-of-the-artdecoys (infrared and electromagnetic radar) that equip numerous fighter and transport aircraft and helicopters for training and operations

Naval self-protection systems SYLENA

LACROIX will present its naval range of decoy launching system (DLS) LACROIX supplies the world's leading navies with its SYLENA launching systems, systems using state-of-the-art corner reflector technology capable of defeating the latest generation of radar missile self-directors as opposed to other DLS using outdated aluminized glitter technology ("chaff").

Last Minute: Join LACROIX Defense & Energetics Technology Teams on our new own virtual & 3D platform

As you have probably already read in the press, due to the new health regulations, DSEI 2021 will be different.
It's both a live event in London AND a virtual event For those who cannot join us in person, the DSEI Connect virtual event platform will enable you to fully participate remotely.

Due to the context, and eager to showcase our knowledge, our Team is also currently setting up a new 3D dedicated platform. Our virtual showroom will be reserving for our customers, partners and various actors of the Defense community... another way to disclose what should have been presented to you in London.
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